Help for the Customer Online System

Welcome to Brighton & Hove City Council's Customer Online System

This system is currently for use by council tenants only.

You can use our online services to:

  • View your rent and other associated accounts
  • Print off a rent statement
  • Make a payment
  • Offer a repayment arrangement (if you are in arrears)

If you haven't already, you must register to use this service at

Once registered, we will send you a unique PIN number and password and you'll be able to access the service 24/7.
If you have forgotten your login details or haven't been sent these, please complete the form at and we will send you new details in seven working days.

Moving around the system

If you 'hover' over any of the icons or symbols on the screen you should see 'pop up' or 'alternative text' which gives you more information. Once you pointer turns from an arrow into a hand Hand cursor icon, you should be able to click to move forward on the screen.

Further help?

If you need any further help using these pages please email us at You can also use this service at our housing offices and through public access computers in libraries, where staff are on hand to help if required.